bout tenderness

Lesch Vovk psychologist. His wife Kate is also a psychologist. Over dinner they talk about the impact of beef escalope on the structure of personality. I asked them about life in general. They spoke, and the most meaningful word was - “convergence”. They rested in Norway. This is a rocky country with dark water, climate and other malicious discomfort. On the way met a biker, sullen native. Lesch produces unnecessary detail. It may seem, they moved to Norway and met a biker. It is not. They have long traveled, traveled, and then have to meet a biker. The meeting took place at a roadside cafe. Katya in the car yelled ZZ-Top. Not really, just writing. If Kate had brought with her the whole ensemble, of course, confidence would have been better. But so bad happened. Biker recognized in Katya rights. He came over and confessed intimate that his name was Dude. Presented as a horse. Actually, if the name of your Harley-Davidson, it is not important, what is the name yourself. The usual polite woman tactfully would fall into a swoon of delight. But Katya loves subtlety, it is a psychologist. She said: - Hey, dude, start the engine, I want to hear how he bay. Psychologists call it “know how to scratch a pig.” Milton Erickson told about one young man. The young man was lame and selling opus of Freud pastoralists wild west. That is like double the lame, the head too. Ranchers stubbornly did not want to fly psychological literature. Do boys even suspected that he was not happy. Once he was sad after another non-transaction. And he saw a cheerful pig in a warm puddle. Took up a stone and began scratching a pig’s neck. He wanted to be somebody on the day of his love and gratitude grunted. Because pastoralists grunted hostility. Friendship of a boy and a cattle farmer, said. He came over and said: - Baby, I’ll buy all your books, because you know how to scratch a pig. So, Kate knew how to scratch a biker. People started their ass. Kate listened, shook his head and said “tsk, tsk, tsk.” People had been moved. He thought a quote from Tolstoy - “from which this Russian lady is the understanding of the harsh Norwegian soul?” And could not resist, he called Katia skate. Many of the girls is scared to go into the darkening forest to the bearded motorcyclist. But Kate decided to leave a good impression of Russian women. And she said gaily, - open the gate! People warned, the higher the speed, the need to hold tight. Hold me, baby. When they went on the road, Chela has had a happy face. Trustful Kate hugged him for a leather back, men like that kind of disposition. And Katie’s eyes were huge and the expression is: - “Farewell, mother, and good people, now I ubyusya. When they returned from a walk, everything was the opposite. Kate glowed like an astronaut Gagarin. A biker’s eyes bulged Chela, her mouth was half open, and blue. He seemed to want to say - “Farewell, dear friends, nothing else to breathe.” Obedient Katya as tiger python all squeezed and squeezed the ring of his embrace. She nobody said you can go to the deceleration of the driver’s chest. It has already delayed the new brow waist, around the nipples. He would like a little air. But Kate felt that the main thing now - safety of passengers. Of course, then pried her hands. Biker dude with a noise sucked in a half-Norwegian oxygen. Now he knows that the granites, fjords - it does not even cool in comparison with the Russian arms psihologin. I would like to order Katie’s course anti-lazy therapy. But I’m afraid it will be the usual Russian brutality: “Arise, go to work” or “Why lie, sponger.” So tell me now, as you struggle with laziness. Preferred method, based on tenderness and understanding.